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for Portsmouth Mayor
For The People!


October 15, 2020



It seems that every day there’s a new negative headline about Portsmouth. I’m sick and tired of the city I love and have called home my entire life be the laughingstock of the region.


When I was growing up in Cradock, I wanted to be the best football player I could be. I’m not part of the political class and never dreamed I’d be running for Mayor of my hometown.


However, special interest groups and incompetent politicians have been selling out Portsmouth for far too long – enriching themselves while the everyday people of our great city have been left behind.

  • Our schools were once the best in the region but are now failing our children;

  • Portsmouth’s property taxes are the highest in the region – driving away businesses and families...if the status-quo continues, they’ll only continue going higher; and

  • Our police officers and city employees are paid amongst the lowest in Hampton Roads as our city budget seems to reward those with special connections over those who put their lives on the line to protect us.


We’re all tired of watching petty bickering amongst our leaders distract us from the serious, fundamental issues facing our city. We don’t have to accept the status-quo and there’s a better way to move our community forward.


Google, Amazon and Facebook recently invested billions of dollars installing transatlantic fiber cables that run right through Portsmouth – giving our city some of the fastest and most reliable internet service anywhere on the East Coast. Significant sections of our city have been designated Opportunity Zones by the federal government – ensuring businesses that create jobs in these zones receive significant tax benefits for the next decade.


As your Mayor, I will transform Portsmouth into the technology and startup epicenter of Hampton Roads, growing our population, creating thousands of jobs, and stabilizing our city’s finances.


With your help, we can get job-creating development projects moving forward at a record pace – making our city a better place to open a business and raise a family.


The tax revenue generated from these projects is projected to fund the needs of our schools and first-responders many times over – and should generate enough revenue to start bringing our property taxes down!


Do not let the career politicians who have driven this city into the ground convince you these things are not possible. With the right Mayor, they are. If you and I work together, we can get this city heading in the right direction in record time.


This election is about the status-quo versus progress... the special interests versus the people.


I’m asking for your vote for Mayor so I can move Portsmouth boldly into the future – one that benefits all the people of Portsmouth.



Danny Meeks

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